Exploring the difference between skin boosters and Profhilo reveals that both have emerged as a revolutionary treatment in aesthetic beauty, offering solutions for those seeking to enhance their skin’s texture, hydration, and collagen production.

Among the many options available, Profhilo and Restylane are the primary choices at the

Dermasurge Clinic heralding a unique skin rejuvenation approach. These treatments represent the cutting edge in non-surgical aesthetic interventions, promising to rejuvenate the skin from within and tailor the treatment experience to individual needs and concerns.

The difference between Profhilo and Restylane is not just in their composition but in their approach to unlocking the skin’s natural beauty. This article demystifies these treatments, shedding light on their distinct characteristics and guiding you through choosing the right skin booster for your unique skin concerns.

Read on as we delve into the world of hyaluronic acid boosters, where innovation meets individualised care, and discover the transformative power of Profhilo and Restylane at the Dermasurge Clinic.


Understanding Skin Boosters

Skin boosters are innovative treatments that fall under the umbrella of aesthetic medicine, primarily designed to rejuvenate, and enhance the skin’s overall health and appearance.

At their core, skin boosters are hyaluronic acid boosters, a substance naturally found in the skin that plays an important role in aiding moisture, suppleness, and elasticity, making them an excellent option for individuals looking to combat the early signs of ageing or enhance their skin’s natural glow.

Hyaluronic acid, when injected directly into the skin, significantly improves the skin’s hydration levels from within. This process helps in retaining moisture but stimulates the production of collagen and elastin.

Collagen and elastin are the skin’s structural proteins for firmness and elasticity. As we get older, the natural production of these proteins diminishes, leading to common signs of ageing, including fine lines, wrinkles, and a loss of volume and firmness.

Benefits of Skin Booster Treatments

The benefits of skin booster treatments are manifold. Clients can expect a noticeable improvement in their skin’s texture, making it look smoother and more refined. Additionally, the boost in hydration results in a plumper, more dewy complexion that radiates health. Over time, the stimulated collagen production helps gradually improve the skin’s firmness, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Detailed Comparison: Injection Techniques and Areas of Application

Profhilo and Restylane represent two leading approaches in skin boosters, each with its unique application method and areas of effectiveness, catering to a diverse range of patient needs and preferences.


  • Is renowned for its Bio Aesthetic Points (BAP) technique, which strategically targets five injection points on each side of the face.
  • This method maximises the spread and absorption of hyaluronic acid across the skin, offering comprehensive rejuvenation with minimal injections.
  • Is particularly appealing to patients who may be apprehensive about needles, as it reduces the number of injections required while still ensuring effective coverage and results.

Profhilo’s formulation is highly concentrated, significantly improving skin quality even with fewer injection points. However, its application is primarily limited to the lower face and neck, focusing on enhancing skin texture and elasticity in these specific areas.


  • Boasts a versatile range of products that can be applied precisely across various facial areas.
  • Its formulation allows for targeted treatment under the eyes, on the forehead, lips, and beyond, areas where Profhilo may need to be more easily applied.
  • Restylane’s versatility is attributed to its range of viscosities and specific product lines designed for different skin layers and concerns.

Restylane is a go-to option for patients seeking a more tailored treatment plan that addresses specific areas of concern, from fine lines and wrinkles to volume loss and contouring. The precision offered by Restylane’s click syringe technology ensures that each area receives an optimal dose of hyaluronic acid, promoting even distribution and uniform results.

While Profhilo offers a streamlined approach ideal for needle-averse patients and broad rejuvenation, Restylane provides a customisable solution to address targeted concerns across the face.

Both treatments harness the power of hyaluronic acid to revitalise the skin. Yet, their application techniques and areas of suitability set them apart, catering to the wide-ranging needs of patients seeking skin enhancement.

This makes them an excellent option for individuals looking to combat the early signs of ageing or enhance their skin’s natural glow.

Other Popular Skin Boosters: A Brief Overview

Skin boosters have carved out a niche, offering diverse options for varying skin concerns and preferences. Beyond Profhilo and Restylane, several other notable skin boosters have gained popularity for their efficacy in improving skin quality.

Volite from Juvederm is designed to enhance skin hydration, elasticity, and smoothness, with results lasting up to 9 months. Its unique formulation promotes long-lasting moisture retention in the skin, making it a preferred choice for addressing dryness and fine lines.

Belotero Revive focuses on revitalising the skin by improving hydration and elasticity while reducing the appearance of fine lines. Its integration with Dermasurge Clinic’s offerings reflects its effectiveness in delivering a refreshed, youthful complexion. 

Sunekos Performa stimulates collagen and elastin production, restoring the skin’s natural volume and reducing signs of ageing. Its effectiveness in treating various concerns, from wrinkles to skin laxity, has made it a sought-after option. 

Teoxane Redensity 1 is specifically formulated to target dull complexion, fine lines, and dehydration, providing deep dermal hydration. It’s particularly noted for its unique blend of hyaluronic acid and a mixture of vitamins and antioxidants.

Polynucleotides (PN) in products like Pluryal Booster offer regenerative properties that improve skin elasticity, hydration, and texture. PN-based treatments are known for their healing and anti-inflammatory benefits, making them an excellent option for sensitive or ageing skin.

At the Dermasurge Clinic, these boosters, including Teoxane, Belotero, and Restylane, are available, allowing patients to benefit from a tailored approach to skin rejuvenation.

Each product has been carefully selected for its ability to meet our clients’ diverse needs and goals, reinforcing our commitment to providing top-tier, customised skincare solutions.

The New Kid on the Block: Cellular Matrix

Cellular Matrix is the new kid on the block, a cutting-edge treatment that combines platelet-rich plasma (PRP) with hyaluronic acid (HA) in one innovative formulation.

This unique blend leverages the healing and rejuvenating properties of PRP along with the volumising benefits of HA, offering an unparalleled approach to skin revitalisation.

Cellular Matrix stands out for its ability to act as a bioscaffolding, creating a nurturing environment that supports and enhances cellular migration and tissue regeneration. The synergy between PRP and HA not only promotes skin hydration and volume but also extends the longevity and efficacy of the treatment, thanks to the HA’s role in sustaining growth factor activity over time.

This treatment is especially effective for addressing areas that require intensive care, such as the periorbital zone and neck, where skin laxity and density loss are more pronounced.

By targeting deep layers of the skin and stimulating the superficial muscular aponeurotic system (SMAS), Cellular Matrix delivers a robust 3D facial remodelling effect. Clients can expect a noticeable “shrink-wrapping” outcome, characterised by firmer skin, reduced laxity, and a youthful, volumised appearance.

Cellular Matrix represents a significant advancement in non-surgical facial rejuvenation, offering immediate volumisation and long-term regenerative benefits. As the Dermasurge Clinic embraces this innovative treatment, clients can look forward to experiencing the future of bio-organic 3D facial rejuvenation and reconstruction, achieving organic, youthful volume and enhanced skin density with minimal downtime.

Making the Right Choice: Profhilo vs. Restylane at Dermasurge Clinic

Choosing between Profhilo and Restylane for skin rejuvenation is a decision that hinges on individual skin concerns and the specific improvements desired.

Profhilo, with its bio-remodelling capabilities, excels in delivering hydration and stimulating collagen production across broader areas with fewer injection points, making it ideal for those seeking a less invasive approach with minimal discomfort. It’s particularly effective for enhancing skin elasticity and firmness, offering a more youthful and radiant appearance.

On the other hand, Restylane provides the flexibility of addressing targeted areas such as under the eyes, forehead, lips, and more, where Profhilo may not be applicable. Its precision application allows for customised treatment plans to address specific concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, and volume loss with remarkable accuracy.

At Dermasurge Clinic, Dr Injibar understands that each patient’s skin is unique and requires a personalised approach. A consultation with Dr Injibar will help determine which treatment best suits your skin’s needs and provide a personalised treatment plan that aligns with your aesthetic goals.

Whether you’re leaning towards Profhilo for its innovative approach to skin remodelling or Restylane for its precise targeting and volumising effects, Dermasurge Clinic is committed to guiding you towards the most effective treatment for your skin.


The journey to rejuvenated, hydrated, and collagen-rich skin is nuanced, with Profhilo and Restylane offering distinct advantages tailored to meet various skincare needs. Profhilo is renowned for enhancing skin texture and elasticity through strategic, minimal injections, while Restylane shines in its versatility and precision for targeted improvements.

At the Dermasurge Clinic, Dr Injibar is dedicated to making sure that every patient receives the optimal treatment to meet their individual concerns and aesthetic aspirations. We invite you to schedule a personalised consultation at Dermasurge Clinic to explore how these treatments can transform your skin. Discover your path to a more youthful, vibrant complexion today.