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As we age, our skin begins to change, and the resulting effects can have may prevent us from looking and feeling as confident as we deserve. As well as the well-known age-related skin concerns, such as fine lines and wrinkles, sagging, and changes to pigmentation, we may also begin to see veins become more prominent.

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What does the treatment do?

Facial veins occur most commonly across the nose and cheek area of the face, and usually describes thin “thread” veins that become visible as we get older. They may become more apparent in patients who have damaged their skin through sun exposure, smoking, or if they are predisposed due to their genetics. Facial veins are rarely harmful, though they can be unsightly and difficult to cover with makeup.

The appearance of facial veins may be diminished with the use of advanced laser treatments. Laser light can be used to heat up unwanted veins, causing them to collapse on themselves. At Dermasurge, we use highly targeted lasers to treat the specific area of concern, eliminating veins without affecting the surrounding skin or otherwise healthy tissues. Using laser treatment to minimise prominent facial veins is a highly effective way of achieving a more youthful, healthy, blemish-free complexion. Get your facial veins treatment today!

At Dermasurge, all patients undergo an in-depth consultation with our founder and consultant dermatologist, Dr Hiba Injibar, before any treatment is performed. During your consultation, Dr Injibar will be able to assess the current condition of the skin, allowing for the formulation of a treatment plan that will achieve the best results for each unique patient, managing their expectations and tailoring her approach to suit their individual needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a candidate for facial vein treatment?2020-01-24T16:27:59+00:00

Facial vein treatment is safe for most people, even in those with darker skin tones using specific treatments. During your consultation, Dr Injibar will assess your medical history to rule out any contraindications before putting together a bespoke treatment plan for achieving the best possible results.

How long do the results last?2020-01-24T16:29:07+00:00

The effects of facial vein treatment may be permanent if the appropriate aftercare advice is followed. However, in some cases, the vein is simply shrunk rather than destroyed and may reappear over time. The vein may reappear, and a repeat treatment may be necessary.

How many sessions will I need?2020-01-24T16:30:10+00:00

In some cases, more than one session may be necessary to attain the desired results. During your consultation, Dr Injibar will be able to advise more specifically how many treatments will be required on a case-by-case basis.

Is there any downtime?2020-01-24T16:31:07+00:00

Patients can usually resume their normal activities immediately, so long as they adhere to Dr Injibar’s aftercare advice. Redness, tenderness, or swelling can be expected immediately after treatment, though this should settle down within a few days.

Patient Reviews

“I am so glad I came to Dr. Hiba, I didn’t know what I wanted, however, my skin felt tired, old, and grey. She immediately put my mind at ease. She helped me with a skincare regime that worked! My treatment quick, painless – and results fantastic. Very happy, can’t recommend her enough.”

Peter, Surrey

“As my skin is aging, Dr. Hiba is helping me improve and maintain the texture of my skin in ways that are very natural looking and age appropriate. Dr. Hiba is so professional and took the time to explain the process and ensured she wouldn’t freeze my face. Dr. Hiba is very easy to communicate with (as is her staff) and I am genuinely looking forward to having my procedures done.”

Leesa W, London, Your Content Goes Here

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