Non-surgical aesthetic treatments to provide softer, more youthful hands
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✓ Improves the quality & texture of your skin
✓ Decreases wrinkles & prominent veins
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Plenty of patients think little of spending money on turning back the clock, indulging in a variety of anti-ageing treatments to smooth, volumise, and tighten the skin of the face and neck. With that in mind, it seems silly that so many neglect to give their hands the same attention. The skin of your hands is just as prone to damage due to the same ageing processes that affect the face and neck, as the most commonly uncovered areas of the body, including fat loss, age spots, and dry, dehydrated skin.

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What does the treatment do?

Many patients could benefit from hand rejuvenation, which can be achieved using a variety of non-invasive, non-surgical aesthetic treatments to provide softer, more youthful looking hands. This includes fillers, lasers, and skin peels, all specifically adapted to provide the very best results for the hands. At Dermasurge, Dr Hiba Injibar offers a wide variety of effective treatments suitable for hand rejuvenation, including dermal fillers and laser treatments.

All aesthetic treatments at Dermasurge are prefaced with a consultation with Dr Injibar, our in-house consultant dermatologist and clinic Founder. This allows her to fully examine the skin and ensure we provide you with the best possible treatments for achieving outstanding results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What treatments are available for hand rejuvenation?2020-01-24T09:36:55+00:00

At Dermasurge, we offer a range of treatments designed to improve the look of the hands. This includes dermal fillers to help plump out the skin, lasers for an all-over tightening and evening of the skin tone, and chemical peels to provide a boost of hydration to the skin, sloughing off dead skin cells to reveal more youthful, healthier skin underneath.

How do I know what treatment is right for me?2020-01-24T13:08:15+00:00

During your consultation with Dr Injibar, she will be able to fully assess the needs of your skin and discern the best treatment for rejuvenating the hands, drawing up a comprehensive treatment plan that caters directly to your individual requirements.

How long do results last?2020-01-24T13:09:34+00:00

Depending on the treatment selected, the effects of hand rejuvenation may vary greatly. However, most patients see great results for anything up to 12-18 months, though this varies from patient to patient.

Will it hurt?2020-01-24T13:10:48+00:00

The skin of the hands is fairly delicate, and some discomfort is possible depending on the treatment type. Dr Injibar will do everything possible to reduce any pain, including the use of anaesthetic where possible, to ensure a comfortable, enjoyable treatment.

Patient Reviews

“As my skin is aging, Dr. Hiba is helping me improve and maintain the texture of my skin in ways that are very natural looking and age appropriate. Dr. Hiba is so professional and took the time to explain the process and ensured she wouldn’t freeze my face. Dr. Hiba is very easy to communicate with (as is her staff) and I am genuinely looking forward to having my procedures done.”

Leesa W, London

“I am so glad I came to Dr. Hiba, I didn’t know what I wanted, however, my skin felt tired, old, and grey. She immediately put my mind at ease. She helped me with a skincare regime that worked! My treatment quick, painless – and results fantastic. Very happy, can’t recommend her enough.”

Peter, Surrey

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