Combination Treatments Available At Dermasurge Clinic, London

A range of combination treatments to solve your skincare problems.

As your specific condition and unique skin, can affect the kind of treatment that you can have, at Dermasurge our main aim is to treat your condition or problem with a mixture of treatments to suit your individual needs.

There are many treatments if combined can have a significat impact on the results that you can obtain, as well as the time that it takes to get your desired results.

Our resident expert Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Hiba Injibar will guide you to which combination treatments are suitable to achieve that kind of results you are looking for.

What are the steps needed to book an appointment at Dermasurge?

You will need to book a consultation to see our  Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Hiba Injibar.

You can either come to our Harley Street state of the art clinic to be seen or if you prefer, you can have a telephone or video consultation instead.

Once Dr Hiba has seen you, she will then discuss the range of solutions that are available to solve your skincare concerns.

You will then either have the treatment on the day or be booked in to start your treatment course on another day.

Get in touch today and start your journey at Dermasurge Clinic.