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Teenage Acne treatments in Harley street , London by expert Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Hiba Injibar.

Acne is a dreaded staple of teenage years, and at Dermasurge, we see many adolescent patients looking to curb breakouts for clearer, smoother skin. Early treatment is essential for many teens. This is becuase persistent or severe acne breakouts can lead to scarring, causing further problems later in life.

Teenage Acne Treatments
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Teenage Acne Treatment Course – Patient Before and After Images

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What does teenage ance treatment course do?

Acne is caused by excess oil secretion leading to blocked pores.

In adolescence, changing hormones can result in a change in oil production within the skin. It is more common during this stage of life.

Oil production is often localised in the face, chest, and back, which is why acne is most common in these areas.

Acne may take any of several forms, including blackheads and whiteheads, or pustules and papules.

The course of treatment may vary, depending on what type of acne is present on the skin.

At Dermasurge in Harley Steet, our consultant dermatologist, Dr Hiba Injibar, has a wealth of experience in diagnosing acne at all stages. She is also an expert in providing accurate, effective acne treatment for the best results.

If scarring is already present in teenage patients, Dr Injibar can offer a range of treatments, including:

  • Medical-grade skincare
  • Chemical peels
  • Laser treatment to help improve the appearance and provide a more even skin tone and texture.

Dr Injibar will conduct a thorough consultation and skin assessment in order to form a teenage acne treatment plan that works best for each individual patient’s skin needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments will be needed?2020-01-28T18:07:18+00:00

How many treatments that are necessary will depend on each patient’s bespoke treatment plan. During your consultation, Dr Hiba will be able to advise you on what to expect.

What can I expect from the teenage acne treatment consultation?2020-01-28T18:08:31+00:00

Dr Injibar’s approach includes the patient every step of the way, regardless of their age, fostering a strong relationship of trust between herself and her patients and allowing for a more accurate, personalised treatment with an increased level of patient comfort. This begins at the consultation, where Dr Injibar will take the time to assess your skin and address any concerns and queries you may have.

What are my acne treatment options?2020-01-28T18:09:12+00:00

There are many effective treatments for acne, including oral or topical medications and laser treatment, amongst others. During your consultation, Dr Injibar will be able to recommend the right path for you.

Patient Reviews

“Dr Hiba is fantastic, right from my first consultation she put me at ease and was helpful when suggesting treatment for my skin concerns. The results are amazing and I would highly recommend!”
Claire Fielding
“I got the results which were promised. Dr Hiba is very professional and knowledgeable.”
Rach Agar, Your Content Goes Here

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