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Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment (PRP Treatment)2022-12-07T12:46:01+00:00

If you haven’t heard of Platelet Rich Plasma – or PRP, you may have heard of its ulterior name: the “vampire facial”. PRP is an advanced aesthetic treatment that utilises the power of the patient’s own blood against a wide range of skin concerns. By doing so, the body’s natural resources can be directed to where they have needed most for a natural, yet comprehensive rejuvenation.

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What does the treatment do?

During PRP treatment, a small sample of the patient’s blood is processed via an innovative system that extracts useful, nutrient-rich platelets and prepares the injectable solution. This is then administered into the treatment area, aiding the skin’s natural defences, including the production of collagen and HA. As the healing process begins, the treatment area possesses a higher number of growth factors, resulting in healthier production of new cells and an increase in elasticity, rejuvenating the skin for a subtle, yet beautiful enhancement.

At Dermasurge, we offer our patients the most innovative aesthetic solutions that truly work, allowing our patients to feel truly comfortable in their own skin. Prior to all treatments, an assessment with our consultant dermatologist, Dr Hiba Injibar, is essential. During your consultation, Dr Injibar will assess the skin to determine if PRP is the right treatment for you, based on existing concerns and each patient’s unique goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can be treated with PRP?2020-01-24T21:05:51+00:00

PRP has a wealth of benefits for the skin and can be used to improve the look of a wide-ranging list of aesthetic concerns. This includes ageing skin, poor texture, scarring, a dull complexion, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and skin laxity amongst others. PRP is suitable for use on the face, neck, décolletage, hands, and even the delicate areas around the eyes. PRP even has significant success in the treatment of hair loss. To find out if PRP can help you, please get in touch for a consultation.

Are there any side effects?2020-01-24T21:06:52+00:00

Each patient has a unique tolerance to pain, and since PRP involves injecting the skin, some discomfort is to be expected. Dr Injibar will do her utmost to ensure a pain-free experience, and the use of topical anaesthetic can be used if needed.

Is there any downtime to a PRP treatment?2020-01-24T21:08:44+00:00

Patients should be prepared for bruising and swelling and expect around 24 hours of downtime before returning to their full daily routines. Dr Hiba will provide full aftercare advice that should be followed to achieve the very best result.

How many PRP treatments will I need?2020-01-24T21:10:17+00:00

PRP can be delivered over a course of treatment sessions, depending on what the patient wishes to treat. Dr Injibar will be able to better advise on this during the consultation process.

How long do the effects of PRP last?2020-01-24T21:11:29+00:00

Growth factors in the skin are boosted for around 12 weeks after PRP treatment. To maintain the effects, repeat treatment is recommended.

Patient Reviews

“I am so glad I came to Dr. Hiba, I didn’t know what I wanted, however, my skin felt tired, old, and grey. She immediately put my mind at ease. She helped me with a skincare regime that worked! My treatment quick, painless – and results fantastic. Very happy, can’t recommend her enough.”

Peter, Surrey

“As my skin is aging, Dr. Hiba is helping me improve and maintain the texture of my skin in ways that are very natural looking and age appropriate. Dr. Hiba is so professional and took the time to explain the process and ensured she wouldn’t freeze my face. Dr. Hiba is very easy to communicate with (as is her staff) and I am genuinely looking forward to having my procedures done.”

Leesa W, London, Your Content Goes Here

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