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Why choose an eyebrow life?

Many patients find that as they age, the eyebrow area loses its natural curve and begins to droop further down the face.

In our youth, the connective tissues within the skin are strong, providing plenty of structure and support in the skin. This is because the body is producing plenty of collagen and elastin proteins, which repair the skin from damage and keep it healthy.

As we get older, the levels of these proteins in the skin deplete, which in turn, weakens the connective tissue and results in the drooping of certain areas, and our brows are particularly brown. When the brow area begins to droop, it can make us look tired, close the eye area, and age the face significantly.

Patients Before and After Images

non surgical brow lift before and after

How Does the brow lift work?

Injectable treatments relax the muscle and are largely known for their anti-wrinkle capabilities. However, what many patients may not realise is how effective they can be at lifting the brows and delivering a fresher, more youthful look. This type of treatment works by paralysing the muscles surrounding the eyes, preventing them from contracting and providing a lift to the overlying skin. Which in turn, provides subtle elevation to the eyebrows for natural rejuvenation of the area.

Dr Hiba Injibar, our consultant dermatologist here at Dermasurge, is a highly skilled aesthetic practitioner with exceptional talent in advanced aesthetic procedures. This includes such treatments as a non-surgical brow lift in London using anti-wrinkle injections.

Prior to all treatments, patients will undergo an in-depth consultation, allowing Dr Injibar to examine the skin. This will allow her to gain a unique insight into the expectations of the patient so that she may tailor her treatments to their individual needs.

At Dermasurge, all treatments require an in-depth consultation and a thorough examination with Dr Injibar. This allows her to fully assess the structure of the face, so that she may craft the perfect look that seamlessly enhances your natural beauty and restores balance to the appearance. In addition, the consultation process gives patients the opportunity to discuss their desires and goals, so that Dr Injibar may tailor her approach to suit their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a candidate for Injectables?2020-06-24T19:31:56+01:00

During your consultation, Dr Injibar will examine your medical history to ensure there are no contraindications to injectable treatments. Amongst those unsuitable for treatment are pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

Is there any downtime?2020-06-24T16:11:50+01:00

Injectables do not usually require any downtime, and patients can go back to their normal routines immediately. As long as they abide by Dr Injibar’s aftercare advice, patients can enjoy beautiful, long-lasting results.

Will I see results straight away?2020-02-18T12:10:24+00:00

Patients may not notice an immediate result, as the medication used needs some time to work. Patients should notice a gradual improvement after around a week, with full effects evident at around 3 weeks after treatment.

Are there any side effects?2020-01-24T15:12:03+00:00

At the site of injection, patients may experience redness, swelling, and bruising. However, this should not last longer than a week. In addition, headaches, soreness, and numbness may be present during this time. Persistent or more serious side effects should be examined by a medical professional.

Patient Reviews

“I am so glad I came to Dr. Hiba, I didn’t know what I wanted, however, my skin felt tired, old, and grey. She immediately put my mind at ease. She helped me with a skincare regime that worked! My treatment quick, painless – and results fantastic. Very happy, can’t recommend her enough.”

Peter, Surrey

“As my skin is aging, Dr. Hiba is helping me improve and maintain the texture of my skin in ways that are very natural looking and age appropriate. Dr. Hiba is so professional and took the time to explain the process and ensured she wouldn’t freeze my face. Dr. Hiba is very easy to communicate with (as is her staff) and I am genuinely looking forward to having my procedures done.”

Leesa W, London, Your Content Goes Here

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