What are Cysts?

Skin cysts are fluid-filled lumps found just below the skin. When a lump appears, it is not always clear whether it is a cyst or something else that might require treatment.

What Causes Cysts?

Cysts are characterised as closed pockets of tissue, filled with either fluid, pus, or other materials. They are incredibly common and can occur anywhere on the skin. Most usually they are a result of infection, around foreign objects such as earrings, or as a result of a blockage in the sebaceous glands.

While cysts are usually harmless, they can be unsightly, causing many patients to seek to remove them.

Treatment options for Cysts:

Cysts are generally harmless. Small cysts which do not pose a health risk can be left alone. A warm flannel can help the cyst heal and reduce any inflammation on the skin.

Don’t be tempted to pop a cyst! You risk spreading infection if you leave an infected cyst under the skin, and the cyst may grow back.

Cysts can be treated in several ways, depending on factors such as their type, location, size, and degree of discomfort.

At Dermasurge Clinic, Dr Injibar regular performs excision of skin lumps. (Check out the above video to see Dr Injibar performing a complete cyst removal)

During a cyst removal, a local anaesthetic is used to numb the skin. A tiny cut is made in the skin and the cyst is squeezed out.

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