What is Surgical Lip Repositioning?

A smiles the first expression noticed by others. But not everyone is happy with their smile. This could be because of the amount of gum tissue shown when they smile or laugh. This is a gummy smile. Although this is not a medical problem, it has an impact on about 15%-20% young adults’ confidence and self-esteem. Surgical Lip Repositioning is the permanent solution of a gummy smile. Medically know as excessive gingival display. Surgical lip repositioning is a simple procedure where it restricts the elevator lip muscles to reduce the amount of gum displayed when smiling.

How is Lip repositioning procedure performed?

The lip repositioning surgery also known as reverse vestibuloplasty. Is performed under local anaesthetic. Once the gum area is numb. Two incisions are made under the upper lip and small band of gum tissue is removed. The lip rise is then modified to when smiling or laughing. This is based on the proportion and patient’s desire. Lastly, a suture will be places to achieve the final position.

How long does lip repositioning surgery take?

Surgical lip repositioning procedure can take between forty-five to sixty minutes to preform. However, we allocate one hour and half to two-hour appointment slots. This allows our patients to ask us any questions they may have, and to discuss their post-op instructions and any follow up appointments they require.

Is lip repositioning surgery permanent?

A lot of people that are not satisfied with their smile and have a gummy smile. Start with a series of Botox injections. Only to realise that the treatment is only a temporary fix and only last few months. Surgical lip repositioning is a permanent procedure. The full result can be seen once the swelling has gone down and the lip has healed.

How long is the recovery process after surgical lip repositioning?

Recovery for Surgical Lip repositioning requires three to four days of rest. During the recovery, it is normal to experience some pain and swelling, which can be managed with the prescribed pain medication and antibiotics. After four days the patient can return to their normal day routine, bearing in mind to avoid any strenuous exercises and activities for two weeks.

Dose surgical Lip repositioning work?

Yes. Evidence of the surgical Lip repositioning has been published in the medical journal, documenting that it works.

What are the side effects of lip repositioning surgery?

The initial swelling and tightness may persist for a few weeks. Slight numbness in the lip may last a few weeks in a small minority of patients.

How much is Lip repositioning surgery?

The cost for Surgical lip Repositioning with our surgeons starts from £3250.

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