Do you take care of your hands?

Day-to-day, we put our hands through a lot of movement and pressure. We often neglect them in favour of caring for, protecting and restoring other areas of our bodies – despite the fact that our hands can sustain and present just as much – if not more – damage than other areas.

With age, our skin loses volume, thickness and elasticity – and our hands are no exception to these ageing effects. This loss of structure and density can result in an increase in the prominence of our veins, the tendons of our hands, and even the bones of our fingers.

Combined with environmental damage from severe sunlight or harsh winter weather, it is easy for the appearance of our hands to have an overall ageing effect – and so the hands are often a good place to start when exploring your youth-enhancing treatment options.

How can Dermasurge help?

Here at our Harley Street Clinic; Dermasurge, Dr Hiba Injibar and the clinic team prioritise comprehensive consultations to establish the best approach for the resolution of your concerns.

While singular treatments are often appropriate, sometimes a multi-method approach is the most effective – and the combination of leading technologies and products is often best to achieve natural, lasting rejuvenation of the hands in fewer treatment sessions.

Once it has been established that the procedures are suitable and beneficial for you and the results you desire, Dr Hiba Injibar may combine treatment with our restorative laser resurfacing system, and the targeted injection of replenishing hyaluronic dermal fillers.

Laser skin resurfacing treatment encourages an even skin tone and smooth, softer skin texture, while dermal fillers enable skin that is supple and more volumized, reducing the visibility of lines, veins and tendons across the hands for a more youthful appearance.

Get in Touch with Dermasurge

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