Human skin can take a variety of different colours, all as beautiful and unique as each other! The colour of our skin is a result of the level of melanin within it, influencing the pigments displayed for the world to see. The colour of our skin tells a story: Where we are from, our backgrounds, and the history of our family’s past. However, no matter the colour of your skin, concerns can arise, resulting in the need for dermatological treatment. Whilst it is logical to assume that treatments should be just as effective no matter the colour of your skin, unfortunately this isn’t the case. Darker, ethnic skin tones have entirely different needs their lighter counterparts, requiring a whole different skill set and specialist knowledge.

The Unique Concerns of Ethnic Skin

Ethnic skin is more at risk of developing a range of different conditions and concerns that should be considered when seeking treatment. This includes, most prominently, hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is a term that describes areas of discolouration in the skin, caused by a greater concentration of pigmentation in the affected area. As darker skin tones possess a higher level of pigmentation, hyperpigmentation is more common. Other pigmentation issues, such as vitiligo, can be more obvious or noticeable on darker skin tones, whereas paler patients, affecting them to a disproportionate degree. In addition, darker skin tones are more prone to misdiagnoses, later detection of conditions, or mistakes made by inexperienced practitioners.

Ethnic skin can also react differently to common treatments, in particular, lasers. Where higher melanin levels are present, lasers can be prevented from reaching the target layers of the skin, reducing the effectiveness of treatment when performed with an unskilled hand or with inadequate technologies.

As ethnic skin requires a specialist approach and an experienced hand for effective treatment, it is important that patients select a dermatologist with a proven record of treating darker tones, such as Dr Hiba Injibar here at Dermasurge.

Treatment for All Skin Types

At Dermasurge, we believe every patient deserves to feel happy and confident in their own skin, no matter what. Our clinic is located on Harley Street, a hub of medical excellence in the heart of London, and we offer a range of treatments as diverse as our clientele. This high level of inclusivity is important to us, and is reflected in all that we do. Our consultant dermatologist, Dr Injibar, has a wealth of experience in treating ethnic skin, having treated patients from all backgrounds both here in London, across the sea in the USA, and in the Middle East where she began her career. In addition, Dr Injibar is bilingual, and can conduct consultations and treatments in both English and Arabic depending on patient preference.

To book a consultation with Dr Injibar, or for more information, please get in touch.