Pigmentation treatment revolutionising the way to treat the after-effects of summer on your skin.

As the cold begins to creep in, summer can seem very far away indeed. From behind puffy coats and woolly hats, many people are starting to long for a return to sunnier times. Though the sun may now have retreated behind the clouds until next year, it’s fair to say its rays will have left a mark on the skin of those who over-exposed themselves to it during the warmer months.

Compounding the post-summer blues experienced by many, the appearance of many of the physical after-effects of the sunny season is sure to put an even bigger downer on those who are already fed up with winter, with freckles, hyperpigmentation and general skin damage all hard-to-shift symptoms of being out in the sun too long.

Over-exposure to the sun leaves individuals with many reminders on the skin. Freckles, circular impressions on the skin typified by a small, tanned appearance, are usually sparked by exposure to the sun in an act to protect the skin by absorbing or reflecting its potentially dangerous U/V radiation. Hyperpigmentation, triggered by a similar over-production of melanin to ward off the effects of the sun’s rays, can leave entire areas of an individual with very visible patches of darkened skin, making summer a visual memory that is very hard to forget, and all for the wrong reasons.

Before cosmetics are turned to, there are, of course, many immediate post-sun treatments that can be used to lighten these effects, but the effectiveness of these may vary. It’s always advisable to use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher in order to reduce the chances of developing sun damage in the first place but, if this proves unavoidable, a number of topical creams can be used in the event of over-exposure to the sun. These home treatments will feature ingredients that will support the management of hyperpigmentation and may even see it reduced. However, for some, the sun’s damage will prove much more stubborn and hard to remedy, leaving them with no choice but to search for an alternative solution to tarnished skin.

How Dr Hiba can help

With over 19 years of dermatological experience, Dr Hiba is well-known for her ability to provide those with skin concerns the right treatment to remedy their problems. In recent times, Lumenis’ revolutionary M22™ laser technology has proven vital in addressing over 30 unique skin conditions and is being increasingly favoured by those wishing to wipe away the damage inflicted on their skin by the sun’s rays. Dermasurge founder Dr Hiba is well-trained and knowledgeable in all of the M22™ laser’s groundbreaking applications and, following careful consultation, will be able to advise patients on the best M22™ treatment path for them.

Pigmentation treatment London based

Known as a multi-application system, the element of the M22™ laser that is best used to see off the effects of summer is its Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) function. The thermal energy featured within this application is used to remove the damaged outer layers of skin in which the symptoms of sun exposure best present themselves whilst also awakening the skin’s natural process of collagen and elastin production, two substances used to help the skin repair itself. Melanin is also broken down by these targeted lasers to ensure that all those who receive the treatment come away with a clearer, freckle-free complexion.

As someone who subscribes the belief that everyone should be happy and proud of their “naked face”, Dr Hiba sees M22™ treatment as essential in helping her patients to recapture the warming glow of youthful, non sun-damaged skin to ensure that, even when the snow is falling, an infectious radiance is retained.

Is M22™ for you?

At Dermasurge, we strive to ensure that every patient receives the treatment that is right for them. With Dr Hiba on hand from first consultation to post-procedure aftercare, we make sure that our patients remain happy, safe and content throughout every stage of their treatment journey.

So, is M22™ for you? Have you just found the best pigmentation treatment London based? Contact Dermasurge today to find out more by calling 020 7935 4654, or by completing an online contact form.