Appearance isn’t everything, but facial abnormalities, blemishes and conditions can prove to be really detrimental to our confidence and wellbeing.

Those with rosacea, a facial condition characterised by skin flushing, constant redness, increased blood vessel visibility and the sudden appearance of spots, can suffer with low self-esteem and experience great embarrassment and frustration at the hands of a condition with no definitive cause.

Rosacea sufferers also frequently report burning and stinging sensations around the face, meaning that the condition isn’t just a cosmetic concern, it’s painful too!

Facial veins often grow in prominence as we get older and our skin begins to show more signs of ageing. As we advance in age, our skin starts to lose its levels of collagen and elastin, making it more difficult to repair the damage wrought on our faces by factors such as the weather, stress or individual lifestyle, resulting in more visible veins. These veins also feature more prominently on the faces of those with rosacea, increasing the negative effects felt by those with the condition.

How Dr Hiba Can Help

As a highly-skilled and noted consultant dermatologist with over 19 years of experience in the field of dermatology, Dr Hiba prides herself on offering her patients the latest solutions for many types of dermatological condition. One of the most frequently turned-to of these is laser treatment, specifically the M22 laser, a multi-application system capable of treating over 30 unique skin conditions.

As the industry increasingly favours cosmetic treatments over medical necessity, Dr Hiba will personally assess whether M22 laser treatment is right for you before providing you with a more detailed picture of your treatment journey and remaining on hand from the first consultation to final procedure as well as any necessary aftercare appointments.

m22 laser

Introducing the M22 Laser London Based

The M22 laser makes use of multiple treatment technologies in order to improve the skin condition of our patients. The Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) laser application of the M22 system, favoured for its non-ablative nature in treating the skin under the surface in order not to cause lasting damage, is used to address most symptoms of rosacea and different varieties of facial and nasal vein. In terms of rosacea, these lasers are used to shrink the blood vessels made visible from the condition and make them less obvious to the human eye. Facial veins are specifically heated to the extent that they are forced to collapse in on themselves and are completely destroyed, removed from the face for good.

Worries about the nature of the procedure are completely normal, it is very mildly uncomfortable causing some temporary heat sensation only, but the long-lasting effects of the treatment are not to be ignored, with improved self-esteem and an increase in confidence at the top of the list. Patients won’t even have to take any time off, with downtime after the procedure normally not required.

Is M22 For You?

Dr Hiba will be able to personally assess whether undergoing M22laser London treatment is for you by providing a thorough, patient-focused first consultation. Once treatment has been agreed, she will be on hand to guide you through every aspect of your journey.

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