Comprehensive Genomic Testing at Dermsurge Clinic

✓ Personalised Health Insights

✓ Early Disease Detection

✓ Led by Dr. Kaedbey, a leader in clinical genomics

Comprehensive Genomic DNA Testing

Unlock Your Genetic Potential and Chart a Path to Personalised Health and Longevity

Embrace a proactive approach to your health with our comprehensive genomic testing service, designed to illuminate your genetic predispositions and empower you with a personalised wellness plan.


Led by Expert: Dr. Chafic Kaedbey, a leader in clinical genomics.
Cutting-Edge Technology: Comprehensive analysis of your genetic makeup.
Tailored Health Plans: Personalised strategies to optimise your health.
Wide-Ranging Coverage: Identifies risks from heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and weight management to cancer and environmental distress.
Proactive Health Management: Knowledge to manage and improve your health.
Price: £4000 for the complete testing package including two 60 minutes consultations
Results Timeline: Detailed report delivered in 6-8 weeks.
Smart Health Investment: Enhance and maintain your well-being for the future.

Meet Dr. Chafic Kaedbey, Your Trusted Partner in Personalised Health

GMC reference no: 7628586

Dr. Chafic Kaedbey, a distinguished medical doctor, brings over two decades of experience in family medicine and anti-ageing treatments. Specialising in preventive and predictive medicine, Dr. Kaedbey has a profound commitment to integrating genomic insights into everyday health management. His extensive work across multiple countries and his role as an international speaker on clinical genomics have positioned him as a leading expert in the field. Under his guidance, Dermsurge Clinic offers a personalised approach to health, leveraging cutting-edge genomic testing to craft personalised wellness plans for every client.

What is Genomic Testing?

Genomic testing is a revolutionary approach to health that examines your entire genome to assess the risk of developing certain diseases and conditions. Unlike traditional genetic testing, which looks at specific genes, genomic testing provides a holistic view of your genetic blueprint. This comprehensive analysis helps predict disease risks and crafts a personalised plan to mitigate these risks through tailored advice on diet, lifestyle, environmental factors, and more.
A genomic test is a powerful tool in personalised preventive medicine, offering unmatched precision in health management. By examining your DNA, this test evaluates how genes influence your life, health, and performance. It not only forecasts the likelihood of developing certain diseases but also enables the creation of personalised plans to minimise these risks. These plans provide tailored advice on diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors, and include strategies for screening and enhancing the benefits of your beneficial genes to achieve an optimal quality of life.

The genomic test includes comprehensive analyses of:

  • Longevity Potential: Understanding the genetic factors that could influence lifespan.
  • Heart Disease Risk: Identifying genetic predispositions to heart conditions.
  • High Cholesterol/Lipids Risk: Assessing the risk for elevated cholesterol levels that can lead to other health issues.
  • Strokes Risk: Pinpointing genetic markers that increase the risk of strokes.
  • High Blood Pressure Risk: Evaluating the likelihood of developing hypertension.
  • Haemorrhage Risk: Identifying genetic indicators that could lead to bleeding disorders.
  • Diabetes & Insulin Resistance Risk: Analyzing genetic predispositions to diabetes and how your body processes insulin.
  • Obesity Risk: Assessing genetic factors that could influence body weight and obesity.
  • Osteoporosis Risk: Identifying genetic markers related to bone density and the risk of fractures.
  • Cancers Risk: Evaluating susceptibilities to various types of cancers based on genetic makeup.
  • Environmental Health Damage Risk: Assessing how your genes might influence your response to environmental health risks.
  • Autoimmune Disease Risk: Analyzing genetic predispositions to autoimmune diseases.
  • Cognitive (Alzheimer’s) & Psychological Potential Assessment: Understanding genetic factors that could affect mental health and cognitive decline.
  • Pharmacogenomics (Medicine Response Test): Examining how your genes affect the way you respond to medications.

Ideal Candidates for Genomic Testing

Who Should Consider Genomic Testing?

Genomic testing at Dermsurge Clinic is suitable for virtually everyone, except those with terminal illnesses. There are no age restrictions, and in fact, younger individuals can gain substantial benefits by adapting their lifestyle early based on their genetic insights.

Key Scenarios for Testing:

Healthy Individuals: If you’re currently healthy, genomic testing can be a proactive step towards maintaining your health. It reveals potential future health risks and provides actionable advice on diet, lifestyle, and activities to minimise these risks. It also guides early diagnostic steps should any risk factors develop, helping you maintain your health into the future.

Individuals with Existing Medical Conditions: For those already managing health conditions, genomic testing offers dual benefits. Firstly, it identifies risks for additional diseases, providing strategies to reduce these risks. Secondly, it offers personalised recommendations for medications and treatments based on your genetic makeup, a practice known as pharmacogenomics, which can optimise your current treatment plans and improve your overall health management.

Genomic testing is an invaluable tool for anyone interested in an in-depth understanding of their health risks and strengths, guiding them towards a healthier life course.

How Our Genomic Testing Works?

Step 1: Initial Appointment and Collection:

Begin your journey with a personal one-hour consultation at our clinic. Dr. Chafic Kaedbey will guide you through the process and what to expect. A small saliva sample is taken and DNA is extracted by our skilled technicians in a state-of-the-art laboratory in Spain.

Step 2: Analysis

Using advanced Illumina technology, we analyze 128 different polymorphisms in your genetic code. This includes extensive quality control checks using nanospectroscopy and high-performance genotyping technologies.

Step 3: Personalised Medical Report

We translate your genetic data into actionable health insights, considering environmental interactions.

When you undergo genomic testing at Dermsurge Clinic, you receive two distinct reports, each designed to provide you with a clear understanding of your genetic analysis and its implications for your health.

1. Scientific Analysis Report

  • Length: Approximately 70-75 pages, depending on the complexity of findings.
  • Contents: This detailed report presents the results of your gene analysis. It includes comprehensive data on your genetic makeup, highlighting specific genes and their potential implications. We provide you with a copy of this report to keep for your records or to share with other healthcare professionals.

2. Summary and Recommendations Report

  • Length: Typically 5-6 pages, making it concise and easy to understand.
  • Sections:
    • Summary of Findings: A high-level overview of the key genetic insights derived from your analysis.
    • Lifestyle Recommendations: Tailored advice on lifestyle adjustments that can help mitigate health risks identified in the genetic analysis.
    • Dietary Advice: Specific dietary suggestions that align with your genetic profile to help you maintain optimal health.
    • Medication Guidance: Recommendations for medications, factoring in your pharmacogenomic data, which can influence drug efficacy and safety.
    • Preventive Testing and Interventions: Suggestions for further blood tests, radiological exams, and other medical interventions that can help in early disease detection and management based on your genetic risks.

These reports are crafted to empower you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about your health management and preventive care strategies, providing a foundation for discussions with your healthcare provider about personalised health optimisation.

A full one-hour follow-up appointment to Dr Kaedbey will walk you through the findings and next steps.

Step 4: Implementation

Understanding that lifestyle changes are challenging, we provide a complete program including a Nutritional Plan to integrate new routines effectively. Dr Chafic Kaedbey will support you to ensure the success of your personalised health plan.

Step 1: Initial Appointment and Collection:

Initial Appointment and DNA Collection

Step 2: Analysis

Analysis of the DNA back at the lab

Step 3: Personalised Medical Report

Personalised Medical Reports

Step 4: Implementation

Doctor discussing life style and dietary plan with patient.

Why Choose Genomic Testing?

For the Healthy Individual:
If you are currently healthy, genomic testing can be a cornerstone of your preventive health strategy. Understanding your genetic risks helps you make informed decisions about your lifestyle, potentially warding off diseases before they manifest.

For Individuals with Existing Medical Conditions:
Genomic testing offers significant benefits by identifying the best treatment options and potential risks of developing other conditions. This information can be crucial in managing your health proactively, adjusting your treatment plans, and preventing secondary health issues.

Why Dermsurge Clinic?

At Dermsurge Clinic, we take great pride in providing the most advanced genomic testing available, expertly guided by Dr. Kaedbey. Our testing service stands out because of its comprehensiveness and the depth of insight it provides. Dr Kaedbey is committed to providing personalised, precise medical advice and treatments.

Testimonials and Success Stories

Hear from past patients who have transformed their lives with the comprehensive Genomic Testing

Case Study 1: Life-changing Genomic Testing: A 66-year-old patient feels much healthier and better than before.

Case Study 2:  A patient, thanks to personalised lifestyle and diet changes guided by her genomic results, successfully reversed her unbearable pain and significantly improved her overall health.

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