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The Acne Specialist Clinic at Dermasurge

If you are looking for a dermatologist acne specialist in London, Dr Hiba Injibar is an expert dermatologist specialising in acne and many other dermatology conditions. She has over 20 years of experience delivering dermatology skin solutions in both private and NHS settings.

We at Dermasurge, have created an acne treatment clinic to help you on your hunt in finding an acne specialist near you. Our clinic provides all treatment options available to anyone suffering from any form of acne.

mild acne on the face of a patient
moderate acne on a patients cheek
severe acne on a patient's chin

 At our acne specialist clinic, our expert consultant dermatologist treats all grades of acne and advises on proper skincare and maintenance treatment.

Acne vulgaris is classified based on severity and accordingly treated.

  1. MILD ACNE VULGARIS: Consists mostly of blackheads and whiteheads with very few inflamed lesions. Patients typically have oily skin. No scars are present.

  2. MODERATE ACNE consists of blackheads and whiteheads with more widespread involvement as well as more numerous and larger inflammatory lesions with pus.

  3. SEVERE NODULOCYCTIC ACNE typically numerous large inflamed lesions. Scarring may be present.
  4. ACNE CONGLOBATA ( which is one of the most severe forms of acne. Nodules are inflamed and connected under the skin to other nodules. This form can affect the neck, chest, arms and buttocks. More common in men than women this type of acne also causes severe scarring)

Searching for the best dermatology consultant in London to treat your acne, can leave you with many questions. That’s why we created this page to help guide you to all the different treatment options available. Plus, how best to start your acne treatment plan.

Whether you are suffering from mild or severe scarring acne, teenage acne or acne as an adult, Dr Hiba Injibar can help. If your acne is affecting your self-esteem and mental health and preventing you from living life to the fullest, do not despair as treating and curing your acne is not impossible and is in fact easy.

It starts with a simple consultation.

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What is acne?

Acne is a disease that happens in teenagers as well as adults. It can persist into adulthood or it can start in adulthood. Acne can be caused by hormones as well as excessive oil secretions. These secretions will clog the pores and cause blackheads and whiteheads, which can get inflamed.

Later on, bacteria (propionibacterium acnes) will come in excessive ratio, due to hormones (not due to hormones), which will cause (exacerbate ) the acne and it will cause the pimples(I would say inflamed papules) as well as the pustules.

We classify acne as mild, moderate, severe as well as nodulocystic.

Depending on the classification or the stages, this will dictate the treatment. That is why it is essential that you are seen by a dermatology specialist. This is because it is essential to have a proper examination and diagnosis before pursuing a treatment option.

How can acne be treated?

 If you have been trying over the counter products to treat your acne with no success – it is probably time for you to visit your doctor for medical treatment. As a general rule, most acne treatments take between two to four months to yield their optimal effect.

Acne treatments fall into the following categories that can be given individually or combined:

  • TOPICAL TREATMENTS  (products applied directly on the skin)
  • OTHER TREATMENTS  (such as laser treatment for acne)


For those with mild or moderate acne, topical treatments are typically used to begin with. Such topical treatments can include a variety of active anti-acne agents, such as benzoyl peroxide, topical antibiotics, retinoids and azelaic acid.

These treatments must be applied to the entire affected area and not just individual spots. For example, if you suffer from acne spots on your face, you need to apply the treatment on all your face. You will need to apply the treatment every night or twice a day.

ORAL ANTIBIOTIC TREATMENT teenage acne patient before and after image

Upon examination of your acne, you may need a course of antibiotics to be taken in combination with a suitable topical treatment. A typical antibiotic course can last a few weeks under the supervision of the doctor.


Some types of oral contraceptives may help females with acne. This is because some of these contraceptives contain a hormone blocker that reduces the amount of oil the skin produces. It usually takes at least three months for the benefits to show.

ISOTRETINOIN  (Accutane / Roaccutane )

For severe or persistent acne, Isotretinoin better known as Roaccutane is a highly effective treatment with long-lasting improvements for those who complete a course of treatment. Accutane can only be prescribed under the supervision of a consultant dermatologist, like Dr Hiba Injibar. This is because it can cause a number of serious side effects. That is why a full history and examination, multiple blood tests and monthly monitoring of negative pregnancy tests in females of childbearing age, are essential to starting this medication.

Dr Hiba treats acne patients in the NHS regularly referred by their GPs for Roaccutane after having failed the basic treatment.

Take a look at Dr Hiba Injibar discussing treating severe acne and answering some popular patient questions regarding this treatment option.


acne scars treatment using Ipl before and after imagesThere are many forms of laser treatments that can aid in the treatment of acne and acne scarring.

Laser resurfacing can significantly reduce post-acne scarring and is a well-known procedure requiring the skills of an experienced laser surgeon. Dr Hiba Injibar has a sub-speciality in laser dermatologic surgery and over 20 years of experience so when you choose Dermasurge Clinic for any laser dermatology treatments, you can rest assured that you are in good professional hands.


Scars left on your skin from acne can leave you distressed and very self-conscious about how you look. Thanks to today’s treatment options, your acne scars and subcisions resulting from acne scars, can be significantly improved. There are various techniques that can be effectively used to improve the appearance of acne scars. These include

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